20 Beaten Halftone Textures

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20 Halftone and 6 Scuff Textures, from subtle to heavy.
These were all scanned from the yellowed pages of very old digest size periodicals.
Each file is 4600x3400 at 300 ppi.

There is a transparent background png raster of each as well as a somewhat crunchier CS6 ai and CS3 eps vector. In a couple cases where a certain effect was achieved better with raster, I've included an extra for that purpose

Try them full strength for bold texturing, or color overlay just a bit darker or lighter than your background color for subtle texturing. Interesting effects can be made by combining textures, or deleting part of a texture (for just a corner, say), and exploring masking, blend modes, opacity, and fill.
Compatible with: Adobe Illustrator
File Type: PNG, EPS, AI
File Size: 785.17