3D Lettering Mega Bundle 6 Sweets

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**Right now on SALE - only for $12! For a limited time only! Regular price is $19 & $38 with extended licnese! Don't miss it ;)**

Brand new volume from our unique 3D typography bundle with 6 new lettering sets. This is a special set with chocolate, candy or sweets theme! All are great for any print or web projects, so maybe it’s time to add something creative and unique to your typography toolbox ;)

With this deal you get:

- 6 creative 3D lettering sets (transparent PNG) – all with candy, chocolate or sweets theme :)
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6 creative 3D lettering sets from MIIM Designs:

- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2749746-Ice-Cream-3D-Lettering
- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2749643-Sticky-Toffee-3D-Lettering
- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2749641-Honey-Honey-3D-Lettering
- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2749554-Chocolate-Cake-3D-Lettering
- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2196013-Nutty-Nuts-3D-Lettering
- https://creativemarket.com/miim/2194341-Chocolate-3D-Lettering

Hi-res 3D letter renders (3000x3000 - but letter size is a bit smaller). Great for your headers, posters, advertisments - any web or print projects.

- Transparent PNG: lettering (3000x3000 - but letter size is a bit smaller)
- All transparent PNG in 2 or 3 color alternatives

For any help regarding this file, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll be glad to offer support ;)
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Sketch, Other
File Type: PNG, JPG
File Size: 1.96
Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px