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Instagram Story Highlights Templates - set of 40 covers for your Instagram Story Highlights in pink.

Your Instagram profile is the first impression most people get of you nowadays - whether that's a potential client, a new follower, or a brand you want to work with. Make sure your Instagram looks as sleek, professional and cohesive as possible with this unique, hand drawn set of 40 covers for your Instagram Story Highlights.


A zip folder containing the following covers (in JPEG format):

Avocado (examples of use: food, healthy eating)
Handbag (examples of use: fashion, designer hauls, shopping)
City skyline (examples of use: travel, places around your city)
Coffee (examples of use: cafes, chill out time, drinks)
Planet earth (examples of use: travel, explore, wanderlust)
Hanger (examples of use: inside my closet, shopping, fashion)
Heart (examples of use: things I love, wellbeing, health)
Louboutin heel (examples of use: shoes, fashion favs, designer, shopping)
Ice cream (examples of use: food, delicious eats, treats)
Lamp (examples of use: interiors, home, decor, hotels)
Laptop (examples of use: blog, website updates, work stuff)
Lips (examples of use: makeup, beauty, romantic things)
Lipstick (examples of use: beauty, makeup, what's in my makeup bag)
Compact mirror (examples of use: beauty, makeup, accessories)
Palm tree (examples of use: tropical places, travel, island life, beaches)
Passport (examples of use: travel, explore, places I've been)
Airplane (examples of use: travel, explore, on my flight)
Suitcase (examples of use: travel, explore, what's in my carry on)
Trainer (examples of use: sports, fitness, gym, fashion)
Weight (examples of use: sports, fitness, gym)

UPDATE Upon popular request, 20 new icons have been added!

You'll now get 40 icons total with this purchase. New icons added:

Cactus (examples of use: desert, summer, my house plants)
Camera (examples of use: photography, new blog posts, photoshoots, behind the scenes, my work)
Champagne bottle (examples of use: drinks, bars, champagne life, celebrations)
Cheese plant leaf (examples of use: plants, home, nature, gardening)
Coconut (examples of use: travel, paradise, tropical places, island life, summer, food, beach)
Dachshund (examples of use: my pet, puppies, animal memes)
Hairdryer (examples of use: hair, beauty, styling)
Headphones (examples of use: what I'm listening to, music, favourite songs)
House (examples of use: home, family life, interiors, moving house)
Mountains (examples of use: travel, hiking, landscapes, adventure)
Pram (examples of use: baby, my pregnancy, motherhood, childcare)
Pregnant woman (examples of use: my pregnancy, motherhood, baby shower)
Ring (examples of use: jewellery, engagement, wedding planning, married life)
Shopping bag (examples of use: hauls, shopping, new in, favourite clothing pieces)
Slide shoes (examples of use: summer shoes, fashion, shopping, beach, new in)
Snorkel mask (examples of use: diving, snorkelling, holiday, beach, summer, ocean)
Sofa (examples of use: furniture, home, new in, my space, moving house)
Sunglasses (examples of use: accessories, summer, fashion, shopping, wishlist, trends)
Watermelon (examples of use: healthy eating, summer, beach days, food)
Wedding dress (examples of use: my wedding, wedding prep, getting married)
All files are optimised to the correct size and format, ready to upload to your Instagram Stories and fit perfectly in your Highlights.


This bundle is also available in black and white sketch:


Looking for a different icon? There are others listed in my shop too. If you only want to use a handful of icons, you can also buy them individually as needed for your Instagram profile.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)


Wondering how to get Instagram Highlights on your profile? I wrote a blog post walking you through the steps.

Read it here: http://www.mastersofinstagram.com/2018/03/how-to-use-instagram-story-highlight.html


This Highlights set is the sole property of Masters of Instagram. Your purchase is for your use only and this download may not be shared, copied, reproduced or duplicated in any way. Thank you!


As this is a digital download, no physical product will be shipped.

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