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Introducing “**Monolith**” – a contemporary type system which focus on clarity and legibility, developed in two weights with true matching italics.

Monolith includes, as previously said, two contrasting versions: *Light and Regular with corresponding true italics*. This font family combine modernist shapes with slight grotesk touches. Each variant was designed with an attentive optical evaluation; curves, details and spaces were specifically tweaked to better suit the requirements of a highly-legible typeface.

The end result is a family with full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet; Monolith aims to become your next typographic companion.


- **Files included:** Monolith Light, Monolith Regular with corresponding true italics

- **Formats:** .otf

- **Multi-language support** (Central, Eastern, Western European languages)

- **OpenType features**

Thanks for viewing/downloading, **Unio**.

*Help file included. Backgrounds NOT included.*
File Type: OTF, PDF
File Size: 260.01