Pen Strokes Set N°1

in Graphics / Illustrations

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You can create plenty of decorative pen stoke labels and compositions by combining the vector elements included in this Kit. They will give a vintage touch to your designs: wedding invitations, menus, posters, retro labels...

All these ornaments are VECTORIZED BY HAND, respecting the flow and soul of these letterpress ornaments created during the 1800's. Fully scalable & editable vectors, provided as Eps 10 Vector file.

Vectorized from an french type foundry catalog, printed during the Victorian era. The "Specimen Album" catalog, by the Charles Derriey type foundry (1862).

Fonts NOT included (for copyright reasons), but you can find 50 Free Vintage Fonts here:
They will match perfectly with these ornaments, and we used this list to create the compositions
Compatible with: Adobe Illustrator
File Type: EPS
File Size: 656.18